At Wabi Sabi Visuals, we shy away from filters & obsessing over the perfect angle. Instead, we embrace imperfections to find the heartbeat in everything we create & help brands tell authentic stories. That’s what makes our work relatable. It comes through in our pre-production process, shooting styles, & even through our music choices. We’re a video & photography team based in Portland, Oregon, but we’ve told stories from Tokyo to the workshop of an artist.  Collectively, we've tackled most aspects of film & photography. We’ve got a Swiss army knife skill set & we’re always adding to it.

So what is Wabi Sabi? It’s a Japanese philosophy of accepting—& embracing—the messiness of life.  We’re not out to copy a Japanese aesthetic, but to apply what we can learn from Wabi Sabi to our own artistic approach. Our visuals show the world as it is, & defy the idea that everything beautiful has to come in a shiny red package.  As creators, we all have to take risks to find what's real, raw, & relatable.

We get that collaboration is its own risk. When you choose to work with us, we’ll have open conversations to build the kind of trust it takes to make good work, & more importantly, to form good relationships. We believe in taking care of our clients & friends, & over the years we've created a creative family here in Portland. We’re connected with filmmakers, editors, animators, producers, & even directors so that we can call for reinforcement if we need to. With the powers of our network combined, we can bring any project to life.

It’s funny how you wake up each day & never really know if it’ll be one that will change your life forever
— Studio Ghibli