Care - Health Project (Casting Selects)

Katie Cooper + Daughter

Corvallis, Oregon

Katie’s daughter is the oldest of 4 kids (17). She loves being active so we have worked hard to make that possible. Her Daughter plays soccer for Crescent Valley High School.

The first picture is she and I post workout as we worked to get her conditioning back for her junior season. The second is us when we were visiting Silver Falls.

Mark Pratt-Russum + Family

Portland, Oregon

They were in the emergency room with their six-year-old son a few days ago. He fell at school and busted open his chin. He had to get five stitches! 

My wife and I are both working full-time, she is a pre-school teacher and I am a pastor. We also have a two-year-old daughter. Mark is a photographer and his kids have worked in front of camera quite a bit.